D'Alesio Group

The Group was founded over ninety years ago by the 'Cavaliere del Lavoro' Gaetano D'Alesio, whose sons, Antonio and Nello, have continued to run the Company with the support of the third generation, Gaetano, Antonio, Mauro and Francesco,  who have now taken over the leadership of the Group.

The Group's business is the maritime transport and its services.

The Group owns and operates storage terminals in the Port of Livorno handling petroleum products and bunker products.

The D'Alesio Group fleet covers a wide range of commercial needs, with tankers ranging from 2,000 up to 40,000 DWT granting high technical and safety standards.

Looking for new horizons for over ninety years

The D’'Alesio Group was founded in 1930 by the "Cavaliere del Lavoro" Gaetano D’'Alesio. At the age of eighteen the young Gaetano, whose father Antonio from Torre del Greco was Master of small vessels dedicated to coral fishing, started his business as customs agent.  During the Second World War he added the construction of fishing boats to his business, his very first move into shipping.


In 1947 Gaetano signed an order for a small 70-ton tanker, named Splendor, at the Orlando Shipyard in Livorno. The vessel was then employed with fuel shipment to Sardinia. In the early 1950s, during a visit to Genoa, Gaetano was impressed by the local refinery and its oil tanks in the mountains. He had the idea of doing the same in the Port of Livorno. The first oil tank in his terminal was purchased from the U.S. Army leaving Italy. Over the time, the storage terminal became one of the most important of west coast Italy with a total capacity now reaching 200.000 cbm.

From generation to generation

In 1965 his young sons Antonio e Nello joined the Company
strongly developing shipping activity and bunkering in the Port of Livorno. Starting from three ships in 1965 to 10 vessels in 1975 and crew members employed went from thirty to two hundred.

Present day

The 90's marked the beginning of the company's major transformation. The third generation joined the management team of the "D'Alesio Group". The 100,000-DWT flagship, Gaetano D'Alesio, was ordered and fixed on Time Charter to Exxon for 11 years. The double hull Italian flag Aframax vessel was employed on consecutive lightering services with VLCC in the Gulf of Mexico. The fleet continued to grow with additional new buildings: 3 product tankers, Liliana D'Alesio, Francesco D'Alesio and Calafuria, ordered at Fincantieri Livorno plus one ordered at Fincantieri Ancona and named Antonio D'Alesio.

Our fleet

A mayor vessel replacement schedule started in the 2000 with the sale of older tonnage and new building orders at Hyundai Mipo South Korea, Gemak Shipyard Turkey and Sicily. In 2010, the D'Alesio Group was awarded "Tanker operator of the year" by the Lloyds List Italian Shipping Awards.

Today, our tailor made tankers are mainly employed on the Mediterranean basin with particular attention to the Italian cabotage.

The "Cavaliere" Gaetano D'Alesio

"Cavaliere del Lavoro" Gaetano D'Alesio passed away peacefully in 1996, at the age of 84,
having had the satisfaction of seeing his grandchildren joining the Company.

Mr. Nello D'Alesio

Mr. Nello D'Alesio has passionately contributed to the development and management of the Group throughout his lifetime, leveraging his unique communication skills and his contagious optimism.

To attain the company's objectives within a challenging organizational structure such as a "family" business composed of individuals and assets, and operating in a fiercely competitive global landscape, he consistently steered with a forward-looking perspective.

Nello D'Alesio, who served as a Shipowner, Freight Forwarder, and Maritime Agent, occupied significant roles within the Group. He held key positions in industry associations like Confitarma and Assocostieri, and played active roles in institutional representations, including the Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA) and the Port Authority (AdsP).

His substantial involvement in the community and local sports, especially with the Livorno basketball team, which achieved national championships under the leadership of the D'Alesio Family, has been notably impactful.

Nello passed away on June 30, 2023, at the age of 81.