What we do?

Costieri D'Alesio SpA is a storage terminal in the Port of Livorno, with a total capacity of 200k cbm, handling petroleum and energy products on behalf of major oil companies operating in Italy.

We handle the following products:

Automotive Diesel
Fuels for agricultural heating and fishing
Bunker products
Aviation fuel Jet-A1
Lube Oil bases ( Group III )

We are equipped with an integrated QUALITY SAFETY ENVIRONMENTAL management system including:

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Costieri D'Alesio SpA Environmental Declaration


Two Depots:

Customs / Excise Suspended / Commercial Lube Oil Depot

-  Commercial Fuel Depot


Customs/ Excise Suspended/Commercial Lube Oil Depot

Location and Contact

Via Leonardo da Vinci 29

I - 57123 Livorno

Tel:  +39 0586 442911

e-mail: costieri@dalesio.it

Area: 78,000 m2

Total storage capacity: 180,000 m3

  • Berth 29: mooring for ships up to 190 m Loa;
  • Channel head berth 29 : mooring for ships up to 80 m Loa;
  • Maximum draft: 9 m;
  • Berth 12 (restructuring in progress).
  • gasoline
  • automotive diesel
  • diesel fuel for bunker, agricultural use, fishing boats, and heating
  • bunker fuel oils
  • lubricating bases
  • biodiesel
  • Jet A1
Oil pipelines
  • 3 x oil pipelines (2x12 ''   1x18 '') connected to the Eni refinery and Darsena Unione;
  • 2 x oil pipelines (1x12 ''   1x8 '') connected to the Costieri D'Alesio National Repository.

Commercial Fuel Depot

Location and Contact:

Via dello Scolmatore, 21

I - 57123 Livorno

Tel:  +39 0586 429210

e-mail: dep.nazionale@dalesio.it

Area: 11,000 m2

Total storage capacity: 4,000 m3

Handling capacity: load of over 200 ATB / day for a total of 1,500,000 T / year


  • 2 x oil pipelines (1x12 ''   1x8 '') connected to the Customs Depot and the Costieri D'Alesio Excise Depot.