Looking for new horizons for over ninety years

The Group was founded over ninety years ago by the 'Cavaliere del Lavoro' Gaetano D'Alesio, whose sons, Antonio and Nello, have continued to run the Company with the support of the third generation consisting of Gaetano, Antonio, Mauro and Francesco, who have now taken over the leadership of the Group.

The Group operates in the field of maritime transport and its services.

The Group owns and operates storage terminals in the Port of Livorno handling petroleum products and bunker products.

The D'Alesio Group fleet covers a wide range of commercial needs, with tankers ranging from 2,000 up to 40,000 DWT granting high technical and safety standards.

Tailor-made tankers
for tailor-made requirements.

The D'Alesio Group has been operating in the maritime sector since 1930.



In 1947 Gaetano signed an order for a small 70-ton tanker, named Splendor, at the Orlando Shipyard in Livorno. The vessel was then employed with fuel shipment to Sardinia. In the early 1950s, during a visit to Genoa, Gaetano was impressed by the local refinery and its oil tanks on the mountains. He had the idea of doing the same in the Port of Livorno. The first oil tank in his terminal was purchased from the U.S. Army leaving Italy.

Over time, the storage terminal became one of the most important on the west coast of Italy with a total capacity now
reaching 200.000 cbm.


D'Alesio Group

Costieri D'Alesio Spa

Costieri D'Alesio SpA storage terminal with a total capacity of 200k cbm handling petroleum and energy products on behalf of major oil companies operating in Italy.

Dalmare Spa

Our fleet complies with all industry international standards, meeting all of the latest regulations concerning environmental protection and safety.


Toscopetrol SpA storage terminal handling bitumen products with a total capacity of 11.200 cbm


The D'Alesio Group has been the largest supplier of bunker products in the Port of Livorno and the Ports of the Tyrrhenian coast from La Spezia to Piombino for over 50 years.

From generation to generation
Present day

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The D'Alesio Group has been elected "Tanker operator of the year" as part of the prestigious Lloyds List Italian Shipping Awards 2010.
Since 2013, the D'Alesio Group has supported the "Il Porto dei Piccoli" Association, endorsing its projects and initiatives in the area, to offer families who have experienced illness a few moments of escape and time together.


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